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Cuddlebabe® Infant Wrap is a Uniquely Designed Wearable Baby Blanket!


Car seat alert: The winter coat mistake that can endanger your child
by Jeff Rossen and Jovanna Billington TODAY, Feb. 9, 2017 at 2:14 PM

Sue Auriemma from Kids and Cars showed TODAY national investigative correspondent (and his 3-year-old son Blake) the potential danger: When a child is wearing a winter coat, it may feel like they are strapped snugly into a car seat when the straps are actually dangerously loose.

Experts say to strap your child securely in their car seat without their coat on. "Instead of putting the coat on him, you can put the coat over him to keep him warm," Auriemma said. "Or you can use a blanket."

Our Cuddlebabe® product has been designed to avoid this danger. Since 2006, we have urged parents to avoid bundling under seat belts. Cuddlebabe solves that problem by keeping babies warm with our open back and three unique flaps.

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Cuddlebabe® Infant Wrap


empty baby wrap
Large opening prevents baby from overheating. Just leave Cuddlebabe® in the seat, and slip the baby in/out without bulky infant outerwear.
baby wrap with open flaps
Belt sits directly on child in regular clothing. Nothing interferes in back or front.
baby wrap with flaps closed
Warm and cuddly - even an attached hood. Flaps create 3 layers of blanket warmth.
  • Compatible with all safety restraint systems
  • Safety - no bulky jackets under belts to compromise a secure fit
  • Opening in back eliminates overheating & sweaty back
  • Convenient flaps easily open/close for indoor/outdoor transition
  • "Silent" button adds control, & won't wake a sleeping baby
  • No lost hats - baby cannot pull off attached hood
  • Enclosed feet - no cold toes or lost shoes


Kids in Distressed Situations

Our company is proud to support the mission of Delivering Good, Inc. (formerly K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers) at a time when children need more help than ever.

K.I.D.S. brings hope and self-esteem to more than 4.5 million children and their families each year by providing new clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books and juvenile products donated by manufacturers and retailers. The donations are distributed through a network of nearly 1,000 local community social service agencies. They reach out to children who are challenged by poverty, homelessness, domestic abuse, low literacy, military family service, major illness, incarcerated family members and disaster survival. Our company is proud to support the mission of K.I.D.S. at a time when children need more help than ever. Over the past six years, we have donated 3572 Cuddlebabe® Wearable Blankets to K.I.D.S., with a total retail value of $121,005. Five of the six shipments were delivered to Mountaineer Food Bank in West Virginia's Appalachia coal country; the fifth shipment went to Mercy Hospital in inner city Baltimore, MD.

Cuddlebabe® donated Wearable Blankets
baby wraps donated to K.I.D.S.
proud to support the mission of K.I.D.S.



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